{vmimport 163} Inflatable Meditation Cushion


MeditationskissenOur inflatable meditation cushion, manufactured by Samten, is a lightweight and adjustable system.

The cushion weighs only 260g and can be packed completely flat for travel or transport.


The meditation cushion is adjustable from 5cm to 20cm with the dual inflatable ring system. The cushion rings enable a solid basis for meditation and are medically effective in releasing stress on the spinal column and enabling the body to remain in a natural position.



Travel Meditation Cushion

The cushion can also be used as a travel meditation cushion - many of our customers will take it with them to perform their meditation and meditative exercises in the open air.


But it can also be used as a travel cushion - to cushion the neck or the seat on long and uncomfortable journeys. And it is so small that it can easily be packed in a handbag or daypack for simple exercises during journeys. See our Meditation Cushion Exercises page for more details. {vmimport 163}


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