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Nadja MayrhoferNadja Mayrhofer

Goldkraft Trading is a young and innovative distributor for natural products and health treatments in Austria and other countries in Europe. It was founded in 2003 by Nadja Mayrhofer and is based in the village of Kramsach am Inn in the Tyrol.

Nadja Mayrhofer/>Nadja Mayrhofer is a qualified rehabilitative masseuse and pool therapist with further education in Shiatsu and uses these skills in a local practice. She has many years of experience in the themes of nutrition, movement and awareness.

Nadja Mayrhofer only includes products in Goldkraft Trading's range that she has tested herself and has been personally impressed by the quality of the product. Especially important are the ingredients for natural treatments. Goldkraft Trading places great importance on the fact that the products have been produced without artificial colors, bulk and conservation agents.

Goldkraft Trading welcomes your individual views, fresh ideas and new synergies.

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